Declaration of “Georgian-Russian Civil Dialogue” Community

Sun, 10/04/2009 (All day)

We, representatives of civil organizations and initiatives in Georgia and Russia,

  • understanding that our peoples should live in peace and develop good neighborly and friendly relations with each other;
  • taking into account the complexity of today’s situation and the antagonistic influence that some politicians and mass media exert on cooperation between our nations;
  • realizing the role of NGOs in the development of bilateral relations between our societies, regardless of individual positions of politicians;

establish the community of “Georgian-Russian Civil Dialogue”

with the aim of developing and establishing connections between civil societies of our countries, strengthening the dialogue and mutual understanding between our peoples; increasing the role of civil societies in our countries and in the region in general.

Our activities are to be aimed at the following main directions.

Primary area of cooperation encompasses common actions aimed at minimizing the humanitarian problems of the civil population, which suffered in the result of different armed conflicts, including protecting the rights of these people and defusing of conflict situations, civil population falls victim to.

We also plan to develop:

  1. Dialogue “Remembrance and Construction of the Future” – discussion on common historical past and its consequences, as well as on the possible future civil processes in both countries;
  2. Dialogue on standards of Human Rights, the Rule of Law and Democracy in the two countries and in the region in general (including combating xenophobia and discrimination, as well as supporting long-term peacemaking initiatives);
  3. Public Dialogue” – collaboration in the spheres of culture, arts, literature and journalism; support of direct contacts among young people, students, teachers and others;
  4. “Cross-border Dialogue” – support of the initiatives of any level that are directed at bilateral contacts and links in the frontier regions.

For the achievement of these aims we plan to:

  • conduct meetings, visits and joint humanitarian programs;
  • develop direct public connections;
  • support any public, governmental and international activities aimed at realization of the above-mentioned goals.

We appeal to civil organizations and groups from our countries to join this initiative and contribute to the consolidation of connections between our peoples.

We also invite human rights and civil organizations of other countries to join our initiative on the basis of partnership.